Fiduciary Governance and the Feast of St. Crispin

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It might seem odd that there is a similarity between the speech by Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt and proper fiduciary governance.

The 24th of October, 2016, is the 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. In his speech to his men, the King of England spoke of the importance of leadership in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. As fiduciaries, we are responsible for the legacies of our actions. While the World is complex and our choices as fiduciaries are many, we, like Henry V, must follow our ethical and moral conscience to achieve results for those who matter. Otherwise, why take the responsibility? or, as the King says: “No, don’t wish for one more. Rather proclaim to my army, Westmorland, that anyone who doesn’t have the stomach for this fight should leave now.”