Introducing CyberGov™: Fiduciary Cyber Compliance for the Global Enterprise

“Not inflation, not another financial crisis and not even a pandemic — cyber risk is the greatest risk facing our economy. Cybersecurity is a global problem, so, where’s the global response?” US Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, Forbes, May 20, 2021.

CyberGov™: Fiduciary Cyber Compliance for the Global Enterprise is our proprietary, ISO 37301:2021 Compliance Management System to support board members in integrating cybersecurity governance principles with enterprise governance.

Boards think of cybersecurity and its management as an operational responsibility. After all,  most everyone has heard of the guidelines from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) which does have a section on governance. They may have heard of other standards like ISO 27001:2022 Information Security Standards.

Our approach to cybersecurity governance is different. We focus on the board of directors’ responsibility to oversee and ensure the organization’s cybersecurity posture. This is part of their fiduciary duty of care, meaning they must ensure the company is effectively managing cybersecurity risks at a strategic level.

In summary:

  • Operational-Focused Governance by the CISO: Manages technical security measures and daily operations.
  • Board Governance: Our platform helps board members understand their cybersecurity responsibilities and engage in meaningful oversight, bridging the gap between technical operations and strategic governance. Ensures the organization is addressing cybersecurity risks strategically, fulfilling legal and regulatory obligations.

CyberGov™ is similar to another ISO 19011 (manual) compliance management system which Bob Patterson contributed to and used for 20 years. CyberGov™ adds Casual AI, an advanced form of AI,  which allows for ease of use  and better accuracy in assessing conformance to best practices. Here’s a good article from The World Economic Forum titled “What is Causal AI and why will It become increasingly important?”

CyberGov™ will be the first authoritative source for peer-reviewed, global guidelines for board members to follow and demonstrate that they are meeting their cybersecurity fiduciary duty of care.

Available by SaaS, CyberGov™  will promulgate strong assessment, planning, implementation, and ongoing monitoring guidelines to assess compliance globally, by region, country, and company.

Board members can sleep at night knowing that their company is following best enterprise-level cyber security practices.

Our Mission

To preserve, protect and defend global enterprises from fiduciary liability in a threatening cyber world.

Our focus with CyberGov™ is to help organizations organize their information to enable board members the ability to monitor and audit the governance of cybersecurity risk processes vis à vis industry best practices.


CyberGov™ is based on ISO/IEC 19011:2018 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems. Contrary to other approaches which focus more on operational compliance, CyberGov™ monitors the decisions and actions of the board  to assess compliance with existing laws and regulations. Using the Board Portal, authorized users are able to monitor the status of issues globally, by region, country, or company.

Value Proposition


• An AI based assessment, planning, implementation, preventative, monitoring program, and crisis management SaaS tool for board members, trustees, senior management, and their advisors;

• An unfailing evaluation of the effectiveness of the program on a continuously monitored basis;

• Rapid, continual upgrades in an evolutionary market risk environment; 

• Means to defend the actions of senior management and Boards of Directors as being legally reasonable in the eyes of shareholders as it relates to the preservation of shareholder value. Meets or exceeds the evolving requirements of the SEC for reporting cyber issues and board/managment actions on an ongoing basis.