Serving fiduciaries

A Black Swan may have tickets on the next train to Wall Street. How to Mitigate Fiduciary Risk in Overheated Global Markets

Monday, October 19th, 1987 is known as “Black Monday” with a downturn in the DJIA of – 22.6% or 508 points. If/when it happens in 2018/19, the equivalent loss in the DJIA would 5,875 points in one day! The near collapse of the global capital markets in 2007 was almost as severe. The length of […]

Are You a Board Member or a Trustee? You are Liable for Any Breach of Cyber Security – Here’s How to Protect Yourself

The importance of information and internet security cannot be over emphasized. When most people think of cyber risk, they usually associate it with banks, insurance companies, medical facilities etc.  As larger institutions become more secure, the malicious hackers increasing look for the small to medium enterprises as a gateway into those larger organizations with which […]