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Fiduciary Excellence, Financial Success, and Socially Responsible Investing

A company’s long-term survival depends on paying attention to both financial and social metrics. As fiduciaries, we need to keep in mind the importance of demonstrating not only WHAT we do, but WHY we do it.

Even Justice Scalia Supports a Prudent Fiduciary Process!

As stated in the prudent man rule, found in ERISA Section 404(a)(1)(B), fiduciaries must act: “with the care, skill, prudence and diligence under the circumstances then prevailing that a prudent man acting in a like capacity and familiar with such matters would use in the conduct of an enterprise of a like character and with […]

Managing Fiduciary Risk in a Volatile Market

The last few weeks have seen an increase in the volatility of the global markets. First, there was the scare of a China melt down and recently the concern around the balance sheet of Glencore, one of the World’s largest commodity traders. What is your fiduciary responsibility?

Who is a Fiduciary?

There are four general categories of fiduciaries in regards to managing an investment process: Those who are “named” in plan or trust documents Those whose function equates to providing comprehensive and continuous investment advice Those who have the discretion to buy and sell investable assets

Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence adds new Criteria for Cyber-security

(From the fi360 Blog): fi360’s most recent update to their Fiduciary Practices was completed in 2013. That update introduced a new criterion related to safeguarding client and plan data.

Non Government Agencies (NGOs) Face Unusual Fiduciary Challenges

Working in a global environment with cross-border financial, political and social issues, the benefits of conforming to the ISO-based Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence are clear.

Return on Fiduciary Governance: A Real Number

Stewards, as fiduciaries, are rightly concerned about the investment performance of their portfolios. Until recently however, few fiduciaries have considered the return on fiduciary governance as an equally important measure.

Scams and Ponzi Schemes Continue to Flourish Putting Fiduciaries in Danger

In a conversation last week with a Board Member whose non-profit organization oversees $100 million, the Board Member admitted that he had difficulty in getting people to serve.

Tibble v. Edison: The Importance of looking beyond the Investment Committee

The  decision by the US Supreme Court in the Tibble v Edison Case this past spring further highlights the complexity of having to deal with a broad range of fiduciary compliance issues.

World’s Largest Coal Company Faces ERISA Suit

Peabody Energy Corporation is facing a class action lawsuit alleging violations of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) by continuing to offer company stock as an investment in several defined contribution (DC) plans.

Top Five Errors Made by Fiduciaries

1. Lack of a proper investment policy statement: The Investment Policy Statement, or “IPS” is like the architect’s plans for the building of the house. Before engaging a subcontractor to build the basement, you need to know how big a basement it is that you need.

Arrogance Almost Closes a 115 year old University

115 Year old University Fails to Follow Proper Fiduciary Practices and Devastates the Legacy of its Founder. This is a good case where there is value to integrating fiduciary due diligence with strategic planning.

Nationwide Fined $140 Million in Breach of Fiduciary Duty Case

In almost all breach of fiduciary cases, the plan trustees fail to follow a prudent process.

What does it mean to be Prudent under ERISA

Under Section 404(a)(10(B) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1972 (“ERISA”), fiduciaries must act:

Our Value Proposition for Nonprofits

There are about 2.5 million nonprofits in this country, almost all of which are clamoring for money to support their operations. 

Integrity is the Cornerstone of our Business

We believe that a strong fiduciary process, based on strong ethics and integrity, is integral to the success of our clients and, by extension, our business. 

What Does Good Governance Look Like?

From research by the IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland (rated #1 worldwide in open programs by the Financial Times):

CEFEX Offers Legal Risk Mitigation for Plan Sponsor

The global certifier, CEFEX based in Toronto, can help with the mitigation of legal risk for plan sponsors. From the CEFEX press release of 08-30-12: “Today we are announcing a legal opinion letter which helps plan sponsors mitigate the risk associated with the selection of service providers.