Our Mission

To empower global boards with innovative education and technology to discharge their fiduciary duty of care.


Let our simplicity solve your complexity

In addition to our assessment and certification of nonprofits and pension plans to ISO 9000 based global fiduciary standards, we are in the process of launching a resource called “CyberGov™: Fiduciary Cyber Compliance for the Global Enterprise”  to help in the cybersecurity domain.

As fiduciaries, board members can be held individually liable for failing to meet their fiduciary duty of care. Our mission is to preserve, protect and defend global enterprises from fiduciary liability in an increasingly dangerous cyber world.

The complexity of integrating cybersecurity risk with enterprise risk sets a whole new challenge to the fiduciary responsibilities of the board. What is required is an intelligent, flexible, and comprehensive resource to help them monitor their organizations’ conformance with best practices.

What benefits would such a resource provide?

  • Aggregate all pertinent operational and management information using a bespoke document management system
  • Assess conformity with industry best practices
  • Provide an ongoing audit resource to track the “who”, “what”, “when”, and “where” of any breaches of fiduciary duty and report out to the appropriate person or committee in a timely manner.

Why Diogenes?

We believe in challenging the status quo to provide tools to help board members and trustees understand and monitor their fiduciary responsibilities. We are grounded in the classical values of integrity and normative deontological ethics, meaning that the morality of an action should be based on whether that action itself is right or wrong under a series of rules, rather than based on the consequences of the action.

What is the problem?

Cyber risk is part of company and enterprise risk. Understanding and monitoring the two requires a different paradigm, one that focuses on the integration of business judgment with quantitative assessments.

What is our solution?

Our SaaS¹, called “CyberGov™: Fiduciary Cyber Compliance for the Global Enterprise”, will augment traditional data management with advanced artificial intelligence that incorporates human-like reasoning known as Causul AI. Unlike traditional AI  Large Language Models like ChatGPT which require huge data sets and is a “black box”, Causul AI can operate with much less data, incorporate human reasoning using Bayes Theorem, provide  greater transparency,  and foster more ethical decision making.

SaaS¹: Software as a Service

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